Highlights from the ProVen VCTs’ Shareholder Event 2023

Find out more about the ProVen VCTs’ annual shareholder event, which featured insights from Beringea, the investment manager, the boards of the two funds, as well as several of the companies from the portfolio

The ProVen VCTs hosted their annual shareholder event on the morning of Thursday 16 November 2023. The session featured a series of presentations from Beringea, the investment manager, interactive discussions with the boards of the ProVen VCTs as well as interviews with some of our past and present portfolio companies.

Recordings of key presentations and discussions from the ProVen Shareholder Event 2023 are now available under the ‘Resources’ tab on the platform online here.

The event started with presentations from the Beringea partners. Malcolm Moss and Stuart Veale discussed the economic context of the Venture Capital Trust (VCT) market, and the performance of the ProVen VCTs. Their presentations were followed by a review of the portfolio and investment activity by Maria Wagner.

Following the presentations, Natasha Christie-Miller, Director of PGI VCT, and Karen McCormick, Beringea’s Chief Investment Officer, hosted a fireside chat discussing how Beringea and ProVen think about the construction of the portfolio. After this, a panel of Directors of the ProVen VCTs and members of the Beringea leadership team answered questions from our shareholders.

The morning session also featured insights from members of the ProVen VCTs’ past and present portfolio, spotlighting the dynamic entrepreneurs behind our shareholders’ investments:

• Jack Scott introduced shareholders to DASH Water, the zero-sugar, zero-calorie seltzer company known for infusing wonky fruit in its drinks.

• Stephanie Eltz talked about her journey of co-founding Doctify - the leading global platform for patient reviews of health and social care.

• Aaron Georgiou shared the story of Litta - the online platform for rubbish removals and waste collection.

• Finally, Greg Isbister talked about his experience of working with the ProVen VCTs following their exit from Blis, the advertising technology company, in 2022.

Please note that if you have not previously registered for the platform, you will have to register to watch the recordings.

If you have any questions, get in touch with Beringea on 0207 845 7820 or at info@beringea.co.uk.

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