The ProVen Estate Planning Service: How does it work?

Find out more about the structure and targets of the ProVen Estate Planning Service

The ProVen Estate Planning Service (PEPS) provides investors with an opportunity to invest in businesses that tap into the UK solar industry, as well as companies that lend to UK-based SMEs. All whilst providing inheritance tax (IHT) relief, through investing in companies that qualify for Business Relief.

PEPS is managed by Beringea, a transatlantic venture capital firm with more than $800m of assets under management both in the UK and the US.

Below, we lay out the structure and targets of the service, and how it can support your investment objectives.

Our structure

The ProVen Estate Planning Service is a discretionary investment platform. This means that - based upon an investor’s needs and preferences - your investment will be structured across four trading companies, which span two core strategies.

These two strategies, which exclusively focus on investments in UK-based trading companies, are solar and lending:


Our solar-focused trading companies offer investors access to a portfolio of more than 2,500 residential and commercial rooftop solar systems and 9 large-scale solar power plants.

Our solar investments typically have long-term contracts in place for the sale of the electricity generated. These firms also own and operate their own plant and machinery, boosting their value and reducing risk to shareholders.

The trading companies offered within this strategy are:

Solar Growth

Solar Growth offers investors access to inflation-protected UK solar and other energy projects, targeting long-term capital growth.

Solar Income & Growth

Solar Income & Growth offers investors access to inflation-protected solar projects in the UK. As well as targeting long-term capital growth, the company aims to pay a 4%-5% annual return to investors through quarterly dividends.


The below trading companies make short and medium term loans to a range of small and medium sized UK businesses to boost portfolio diversification. We typically loan to companies that pledge collateral, such as fixed and current assets, to reduce risk.

The trading companies offered within this strategy are:

Secured Lending Limited

Secured Lending, which targets long-term capital growth, gives shareholders access to a diverse portfolio of lending opportunities to small and medium-sized enterprises.

ProVen Legacy

ProVen Legacy provides loans to small and medium-sized businesses with the overall objective of delivering long-term capital growth on money invested into the company. As well as aiming for long-term capital growth, ProVen Legacy targets annual returns of 4%-5% that can be paid to shareholders through quarterly dividends.

How investors’ money is distributed

Investors’ money comes to the ProVen Estate Planning Service and is distributed across a combination of the above companies through an allocation committee. Our committee will make the allocation based on the aims and objectives of each individual investor.

Mostly, investors’ money is allocated through a 25% split into each of the four trading companies. For example, if they invest £100,000 into the service, they will get £25,000 worth of shares in each company.

But this isn’t always the case. Sometimes investors will want more emphasis on solar, or on income, so we may only invest their money in two companies.

How the trading companies are managed

Three of the above trading companies - Solar Growth, Solar Income & Growth and Secured Lending Limited - are managed by ProVen in partnership with Armstrong, a specialist renewable energy investment firm.

ProVen Legacy is managed by the team at Beringea, the transatlantic venture capital firm that owns the ProVen Estate Planning Service.

Armstrong’s directors include Michael Hughes and Chris Carlson, who have been working in renewable energy investments for more than 10 years

ProVen’s directors include Mark Taylor and Andrew Webster, who between them have almost 80 years’ experience of working in financial services.

How to invest in the ProVen Estate Planning Service

Investments into unlisted companies are high-risk and the ProVen Estate Planning Service will therefore not be suitable to all investors.  

Private investors are advised to consult with an independent financial adviser who is qualified to advise on higher-risk investments.

Beringea cannot offer investment or tax advice but if you want to find out more about our service, please email info@beringea.co.uk.

Alternatively, please read the ProVen Estate Planning Services brochure here.

UK tax rules and regulations are subject to change, and such changes may be retrospective. Your ability to obtain tax reliefs will depend on your personal circumstances.


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